And onto the Evening Star!

And onto the Evening Star!

This tuna season was a one trip wonder for us, this year.

We have tried to keep you up to date on who we knew had tuna, but we had one great trip, and that was all she wrote!

Looking forward to next year, and as always, if we hear of anyone that has tuna, we will let you know!

Stop by the Fishing Vessel Evening Star in Garibaldi to see what we will be up to, next!

By the way, we are looking for good, hard working, clean crew to assist us on the preparation for next season on the Evening Star! If you know of anyone, let us know or send them our way!


F/V Valkyrie in Garibaldi has tuna!

F/V Valkyrie in Garibaldi has tuna!

We promised we’d let you know if we heard of tuna. Well, the F/V Valkyrie in Garibaldi Port has tuna this morning!
They have about 600 fish so go get them!
I have also heard that the Chelsea Rose in Newport has tuna, but I don’t know if that’s updated.
Kenny has decided that unless there is an easy tuna bite, he’s not going after any more tuna, this year.
Sad, but it’s just been a really tough season for everyone.
We had a great crabbing year this year, but tuna season was a bust for much of the fleet, this year. We had one good trip, and that’s it.
Maybe next year!? We will continue to try to keep you in the know for Garibaldi tuna! Please let me know if you find any, and I can share it. Together, we can get our tuna!
I am so sorry we will miss seeing so many of you this year!! Please stop by the Evening Star and say hello!

Stay Safe!

Jennie for Kenny

Tuna Turmoil update August 24th, 2021

Tuna Turmoil update August 24th, 2021

Click here!

Just the facts, ma’am, only the facts..
I could make this emotional, frustrated, turmoil filled and I could even make this a tuna tear jerker… but, I’m going to stick to the facts.
Kenny’s crew is having life problems, and cannot make the trip, so this leaves Kenny without crew to go tuna fishing.
There is nothing worse than when all the boats leave  and you are stuck in port. NOTHING.
We have promised we would keep you apprised of the tuna situation and who might be selling, if we were unable to sell. Well, we don’t know of anyone! Everyone in Garibaldi that we know of is selling to the cannery.
If any of you have a lead on where to buy tuna, please let us know and I’ll send out another letter.
Our crew will be ready to fish on Saturday, but the weather does not look agreeable. It does change, though, so we are watching closely.
I am trying to get through Kenny’s e mail. There are tons of people wanting tuna this year, and it’s been a really funky year! Normally by now, we have made 5 trips or so. This year? ONE!
We are so sorry for the not very fishy news!

Jennie, via our captain and mighty tuna hunter,

Kenny Bushnell and Bailey

Update Wednesday august 18

We are selling the last of the Tuna today, Wednesday, August 18! If it is past noon, you might want to call Kenny to make sure we have tuna. His number is 503–3 38–9215.

Update to buy tuna for Tuesday, August 17th!

Just a quick update!
I’m trying to hurry and get to bed, tonight, so I’m not exhausted for tomorrow! Please excuse typos. I’m not going to proof this!

OK…. Today was a GREAT day! We were really busy from the get go at 8 AM. Moving the boat to sell a big batch to a friend who has a store, and then back to the dock to sell to our favorite people! YOU!

Then… it was rush, rush, rush, (thank you for your patience!) until about 1 PM when it just died! Everyone cleared out and this is what happened next:

We have tuna!

We have tuna!

Hi tuna aficionados!

Kenny is in, happy, and very tired!
We have lots of TUNA!! He and his son (and crews) did very well!

We will be selling at 9:00 or 10 am tomorrow morning. (Monday, August 16th)

If you want a tuna or two or ten, you should be there promptly at open. As usual, we can’t promise fish nor can we hold fish.  It’s first come first serve.

Our tuna is $4.00 a pound, and we charge a 6 dollar filet fee. Please be patient with our filet people as we are training tomorrow. if you would like to try your hand at doing your own fish, there are plenty of videos on YouTube. Check out our last newsletter where I linked one. It is such a pleasure to be able to put up a Tunaa letter and celebration! We have fish! We have fish! And thanks to Bailey (once more), we have fish! Come on down and say hi to Kenny! Meet the crew, too!

Jennie, via our great fisher, Kenny Bushnell