Hi tuna aficionados!

Kenny is in, happy, and very tired!
We have lots of TUNA!! He and his son (and crews) did very well!

We will be selling at 9:00 or 10 am tomorrow morning. (Monday, August 16th)

If you want a tuna or two or ten, you should be there promptly at open. As usual, we can’t promise fish nor can we hold fish.  It’s first come first serve.

Our tuna is $4.00 a pound, and we charge a 6 dollar filet fee. Please be patient with our filet people as we are training tomorrow. if you would like to try your hand at doing your own fish, there are plenty of videos on YouTube. Check out our last newsletter where I linked one. It is such a pleasure to be able to put up a Tunaa letter and celebration! We have fish! We have fish! And thanks to Bailey (once more), we have fish! Come on down and say hi to Kenny! Meet the crew, too!

Jennie, via our great fisher, Kenny Bushnell