Fresh Fish on the Willapa
Kenny Bushnell

It’s easy to get to the boat! Come on down!

Garibaldi Marina
302 Mooring Basan Rd

Garibaldi, OR  97118

Getting to the boat is easy! 

As you enter Garibaldi on Hiway 101, watch for 7th street, and turn SouthWest towards the bay. You’ll come to railroad tracks, and then the road changes to a loop, which is Mooring Basin Rd.
Keep following the loop in and around past the new Garibaldi Portside Bistro

at the end (You’ll want to eat, here!!)  until you see the first line of commercial boats on your right. This first row of larger commercial boats is where you are headed!
Start looking for a place to park! Often times in the summer months it is very busy.
The sidewalk and ramp you’ll want to take down to the boat will be well marked with our “fresh Fish” signs during peak sales in the summer, but come down and see us anytime we are in port! Use the first walkway you’ll come to as you round the loop.
As you step onto the dock, take a right, and then the first and only left at the last dock towards the bay.
Walk down that last dock until you see the classic WILLAPA on your right! That’s US!

P.S. Please be mindful of parking spots meant for boat trailers and unless you are eating at a restaurant, please don’t use their parking